Why chiropractic care is essential?

In this video Shirley and Dr Shalom discussed why chiropractic care is essential. Shirley also announces re-launching of The Spot of Health with Dr. Shalom to bring in chiropractic kind of things. Little bit about Dr. Shalom Samuel; She is Family Chiropractor in Sun Prairie, You can know more about her by visiting her Facebook Page, Website

Shirley says Dr Shalom is like magenta she is magical in bringing people together.

Who gets first line of treatment in chiropractic care?

1- Newborns
2- The mothers with Breastfeeding issues
3- Kids having problem in crawling
4- Kids having problem of constipation.
5-Patients having traumatic birth

Dr. Shalom recommends families to get their newborn checked to figure out if there is any misalignment.

How families comes into her practice?

Parents bring newborn for regular check-ups while sorting out babies issues; Parents eager to know about their issues that’s how families comes to her.

Dr Samuel tells an average amount of baby fall is 23 times per day which usually not impact the kid or parents but it impacts the body.

Why chiropractic care is essential?

Future generations are born healthy into the world.

She tells why Chiropractic care is essential, the role of nervous system, why clearing nervous is necessary & why the newborn needs to be checked To know all this click the video:

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