Wisconsin Dental Solutions implants and dentures

Dr. Peter and Lori Sherman with Wisconsin Dental Solutions

Dr. Peter and Lori Sherman from Wisconsin Dental Solutions are talking with Shirley about Dental Implants and Dentures, they explain how natural and easy it is to get them. Done in one visit patients are leaving smiling bigger and better.

Dr. Peter Lotowski
Dr. Peter Lotowski

Dr. Peter Lotowski owns Wisconsin Dental Solutions. His areas of focus are dental implants and dentures, sedation dentistry, advanced restorative dental procedures. Dr. Peter is a graduate from Southern Illinois University’s School of Dental Medicine in Alton, IL. He graduated first in his class of 50 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree as well as various awards and recognitions in the fields of prosthodontics and oral surgery. Right after graduation he moved across the country to Idaho where he attained extensive restorative, dental implant, and oral surgery experience, as well as his certification to administer IV sedation at the Idaho State University’s Advanced Education. Dr. Peter not only works on continually improving his techniques but also on adding new skills incorporating new technologies and techniques. He has helped patients with broken teeth, missing teeth, and less-than-perfect smiles, regain function, build self-esteem and bring back their confidence.

Lori is a registered dental hygienist at Wisconsin Dental Solutions. She has been practicing dental hygiene for over 30 years. Lori finds partnering with her patients on their overall health and wellness extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Lori’s special interests also include dental hygiene, nutrition and wellness and patient advocacy. She was instrumental in the initial concept and design of the Wisconsin Dental Solutions practice and mission in 2001 and has been with the practice since. Lori is married and together with her husband they have a small hobby farm that they enjoy.