Shirley Gutkowski Interviewed by Carrie Ibbetson

If you know someone who breathes, or you rely on breath yourself, then this podcast if for you. Shirley is an accomplished dental hygienist, oral myofunctional therapist, blogger, podcaster, speaker, writer, envelope pusher, clinical agitator, and entrepreneur.

Her newest venture Primal Air OMT and Breathing retraining will open in 2016 where she will focus on coaching parents in simple exercises for their child and provide a full-service myofunctional techniques to improve air flow.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the world famous Dr. Mercola learned about OMT how it helps improve his health!
  • How breathing effects everyday diseases like behavior patterns to blood pressure, and how many vague “disorders” like fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders often correlate with breathing disorders.
  • How common childhood disorders such as ADD, ADHD, are related to breathing, and treatments that can be done to help treat these disorders naturally.
    What snoring and apnea mean to your health.
  • What lip tie, tongue tie, and ortho relapse have in common.
  • How Patrick McKeown – author of “The Oxygen Advantage” is working with elite athletes training and them to nose breathe for improved performance.
  • Then we get into Career Fusion; Beth Thompson and Shirley’s “” approach to hygienists and corporate sponsors.
  • How Career Fusion helped spark CE

Listen to the podcast here >>