Jeff Ziebelman with Zymbiotics on The Spot For Health

Jeff Ziebelman and Betty Holloway with Zymbiotics LLC

Jeff Ziebelman and Betty Holloway informs Shirley about Zymbiotics LLC on The Spot For Health. Zymbiotics LLC deals with natural food, fermented food, pre/pro-biotics. They also demonstrate how to put them into healthy meals. Offering a verity of different recipes using these fermented foods the smell is outstanding too.

Betty has an MNS, RD, CD and received her master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Cornell University. Holloway is a registered dietitian zimbioticsspecializing in the area of preventive medicine, also corporate wellness and weight management. Through her business,  Holloway also teaches plant-based cooking. Betty, along with Jeff are the co-founders of Zymbiotics, the makers of naturally fermented foods. She avidly believes in the power of a balanced diet. Betty also creates a lifestyle to follow and maintain vibrant health and wellbeing.

Jeff has a BS UW-Madison. He has enhanced the recipes and is working on maintaining the quality of our ferments as we scale up.  Jeff talks with customers, chefs, retail stores and restaurants to learn how to craft the products to meet the needs of their customers. Jeff’s background includes starting and running several companies, he also has extensive experience in sales and marketing.  He looks forward to growing Zymbiotics, LLC and helping to educate our customers of the health benefits of fermented foods.