Global Employee Health and Fitness

global employee health and fitness

Shirley Gutkowski oral myofunctional therapists of primal air and Dr. Shalom Samuels of Shalom Family Chiropractic discussed the global employee health and fitness; Let us listen to this conversation to get benefit and maintain our fitness & health. 

 Today they talk about a topic that they already cover on spot for health on their half-hour show on KSUN which is a global employee health and fitness month and we covered a lot of territories there so let’s just talk about some of the things that are all-encompassing of global health.

Why do employees or employers have to care about health?

Health is important for employees because they do work more than 8:00 hours a day; it is necessary and we emphasize employees break for 20 minutes. Break could be for walking, going upstairs, or drinking water. The work environment is also important for the health of employees.

The screen should be at eye level not below nor above eye level is preferred. Your sitting posture must be good so that it does not strain your neck, shoulders, or back. In some professions, employees have to stand for long hours. We recommend taking breaks for 20 minutes at least in both extreme nature of work.

Why did Dr. Shalom write the alphabet ABC with her ankle while sitting?

 She keeps moving her knees back and forth and writing ABC with her ankle to help her body not to fall apart when they go home because she has to sit for a long time in her clinic.

Why does Dr. Shalom evaluate feet?

 The feet are the foundation of the body and it carries a lot of weight; She evaluates how people walk whether they are taking short or long steps. Is their knee or ankle buckling?

How orthotics can be the solution to a lot of problems?

When your feet are not proper it may cause problems to your ankles, knees, and hips shoulders up to TMJ. Orthotics can help you in correcting these problems 

Shirley Gutkowski also revealed some tips to correct the snoring complex; These tips will help you improve your muscle tone holding your airway open so you can correct your breathing Listen to this live stream to improve your sleep, breath, and snoring problems.

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