Difficulty Breathing could be sort out with Breathing Exercises

Shirley & Dr. Shalom talking about difficulty breathing, they had chosen breathing as their topic because they noticed so many changes to the face in last few years.

Whom help is needed in case of difficulty breathing?

We need a lot of people to help along breathing, chiropractors are important, dentist are important, speech language pathologists are important, lactation consultant are important, ENTs are important, cranio sacral are important, we just need a whole team to work together to get our patients breathing properly.

How Dr Shalom check patients breathing properly?

She just put her hands on Patients’ belly & she notice her hand doesn’t move half of time. She then suggest the patients how to breath properly if she notice any difficulty in breathing. She actually notice shortness of breath,heavy breathing, mouth breathing etc

Slower the breathe; Better you Breathe

 Dr Shalom’s Daughter Emma & Addie were also the part of the show.
They also did live demonstration (i) steps exercise (ii) Rebreathing Exercise for relaxing
(Listen! It’s free to learn just click on the video).Dr Shalom also shared a secret which help her daughter.
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