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buteyko breathing performance


Buteyko Performance Breathing.

Buteyko Performance Breathing is something that most people have not heard of yet. Imagine crossing that finish line, playing extra min. in an important game to help them win, or going that extra mile and not struggling to finish.

Buteyko Performance Breathing takes the huffing and puffing out of the end of the game. By mouth breathing during an activity you are drying out your mouth in which will cause you to not only need water, but it also does not filter out the bacteria in the air. If you are in a gym and running around with your mouth open you have no idea about how much bacteria is floating around in there. By nose breathing, this helps to filter out the bacteria and helps the athletes use less air but it is cleaner air that they take in.

Buteyko breathing is helping athletes around the world. Helping them understand that breathing right can make a difference in your performance.

Other areas that Buteyko Breathing can help individuals with are, sleep apnea, snoring, and anxiety. By mouth breathing and drying out your mouth, one can encounter respiratory illnesses, allergies, or asthma as an effect.

Air shortage during reduced breathing is not due to
the decrease of oxygen, but an accumulation of carbon