Collaborative Care for breathing, TMJ pain, and tongue restrictions

collaborative care for breathing , TMJ problem and tongue restriction

Dr. Shalom & Shirley Gutkowski discussed the collaborative care for breathing, TMJ pain and tongue restrictions.They discussed how the tongue affects the ability to breathe with the nose.

How we help people breathe better?

Most people don’t have airway space so they become mouth breathers especially when they are sleeping which make their mouth jar of worms. We evaluate if there is space in back of throat so that they can breathe with their mouth closed and help them breathe better.
We work with the muscles in the snoring complex so the nose, mouth, lips, tongue, back of throat all of those muscles need to be optimized & harmonized in order to keep the airway open & you can breathe from nose.

How worse is mouth breathing?

We want people to breathe from nose because breathing from mouth may cause ADHD, stomach aches, vomiting, GERD, just regular burping up stomach gases & acids and part of brain is not develop because of incorrect oxygenation. The balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide & nitric oxide those are the three breathing gases from the nose are not optimized, jaw problems, mouth breathing may also explode their tonsils.

Nose is use it or lose it organ.

If you breathe through your mouth from the time you’re tiny baby until you’re grown up your sinuses don’t grow properly.

Why tongue is stretched?

Tongue is stretched in a way that tissue attached to fascia goes through every single muscle from mouth to toes.

What will be the affect if tongue is not stretched properly?

If tongue is not stretched properly, tongue may not reach against the roof of mouth & slumped back into the airway. It may affect the airway & breathing. It can be corrected by a simple procedure called tongue tie release or lip tie release.

How we help stretch their tongue?

We do a lot of work on their muscles; do couple of exercises to make it work by their own.
We with kids try to do things that are lot more active jumping jack while their mouth is closed & their tongue is up

if you can’t breathe properly through your nose it’s a big problem that we are identifying, the science is identifying it and the chiropractors are very involved in trying to get these pieces to work properly nothing else is going to work if you can’t breathe right.

It’s really important to evaluate your kids in their childhood to avoid lifelong problem. Contact us to be evaluated. Listen this conversation & let us know if you have any query or want appointment.