Shirley conversation with Dr.Shalom (Chiropractor)

Guest of show Dr.shalom (Chiropractor):

Shirley invited Dr. Shalom(Chiropractor) in her show. Their Topic of discussion was an event “Neighborhood Wellness Experience” which is hosted in conjunction with you define wellness. You Define wellness is an organization of health care providers of traditional as non-traditional medicines.

How Dr.shalom collaborates with other health care providers?

Dr Shalom (The chiropractor) says she collaborates with a lot of providers like Shirley (massage therapist), she refers patients to Tracy who provides essential oils actually It’s a collaboration of individuals that can optimize the potential of human body. She defines how their collaboration is playing role in improving one’s body; that’s how you define wellness works with the collaboration of providers.

How You Define Wellness benefit health care providers?

Shirley discussed in video; how you define wellness helps its partners.

Topic of Discussion

Seven different Kinds of practices during this wellness experiences were discussed.

Nutrition Coach

1-Mary Crawford is energy healer nutrition coach & she has access bar, she gave free sample of access bar to attendees. This is process that can remove years of tension & anxiety using only a very light touch on specific touch. Access bars have been used successfully for reducing PTSD, sleep issues, general anxiety & more people have reported feeling difference even after a short sample session you will be able to sit with Mary she will do whatever she does with these access bar.

Essential oils

Tracy Frank with Jade Lemonade, She discussed about essential oils she will be offering chances to be scanned with I. Toby device which uses your body’s frequencies to determine a specific list of oils for your emotional physical wellness.

Heart math technique

Kim Flood with wisdom & wellness, She is also a wellness coach. She uses heart math technique to ease your mind access your intuition, strengthen immune system so you can better sleep, to increase harmony in your mind, body & emotions.

Beaver math

Tina Schoewe Health & Wellness for all, She uses scientific map also called beaver math that has multiple benefits such as enhanced blood flow relaxation, stress reduction, sleep management endurance & strength.

Myofunctional Therapist:

Shirley Gutkowski ( The Host of show) Introduce herself starting with a laugh. When nobody was talking about myofunctional & muscles related to snoring complex, She helped people breathe easier & better.  She offered 50% discount on airway assessment. She reveal her real age which you can only know if you watch this video.

Kindness Bank

Jullie Gullickson from Kindness Bank, She help people to discover kindness into your neighborhood & world to bring health & healing for everyone

Dr Shalom (chiropractor)

Dr Shalom (chiropractor) from Shalom Family Chiropractic, She specialize in family wellness care, She evaluated spine & checked posture.