Is breathing and sleeping with fall allergies possible?

is breathing and sleeping with allergies

Is breathing and sleeping with fall allergies possible?

Is breathing and sleeping with fall allergies possible? Breathing and sleeping with allergies can make us breathe with our mouths open and increases the chances for snoring. The airway has many parts. Normal breathing starts with the nose. If it’s blocked with histamine-induced mucus from the allergens in the air, the mouth will pop open to accommodate breathing using the secondary airway.]

This also occurs with sinusitis. Anything that blocks the nasal airway initiates the secondary airway path through the mouth, and well, you know what happens. The mouth dries out and feels like it’s made of fur, the mucus drips onto the tonsils or the back of the tongue and coughing ensues. It’s a hot mess!

Orofacial myofunctional therapy, and Buteyko breathing retraining educators, like Shirley Gutkowski, have specific ways to teach you how to naturally clear your sinuses and show you ways to keep your mouth closed while you sleep.

Sometimes the sinuses are just too small. That happens when the tongue cannot reach the palate. Also when the child doesn’t chew enough to get the palate to grow. The palate doubles as the floor of the sinuses.

Breathing is number one in our total list of bodily functions. Some say breathing and the airway are so important that teeth are only there to support the airway. In children, OM therapists like Shirley at Primal Air, LLC in Sun Prairie, find ways for the children to get their tongue in place, or adults to learn how to breathe properly so that a good night’s sleep is assured.

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