Talking about Anxiety and Stress on The Spot for Health

anxiety and stress

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, stress, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with it and how it affects the people around you. No one likes to be stressed, unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world it’s, go, go, go and keep up, keep

When nothing seems to go right

up. The more you have the more stress you have to manage. Today on The Spot for Health we are talking about how to manage your anxiety and the stress attached to it.

Lori Sherman RDH from Wisconsin Dental Solutions shares techniques we can use to lower our daily issues.

Most people know what anxiety is and have experienced it first hand. But for some people, it is an almost everyday experience making the day stressful and demanding. Constantly thinking about the next move and if is going to be bad or good and the following consequences of that situation.

      When it comes to stress, it is just aggravating because you just want the answer. Also the follow-up to anything that might still cause problems. There are different ways that people know how to cope with these issues. Some might go to the gym, or to the bar. People take vacations or just go home and find a quiet room and turn off the world, so to speak.

Recently, Lori Sherman from Wisconsin Dental Solutions talked to Shirley Gutkowski on The Spot for Health about anxiety and stress. They talk about how to cope and understand it and the ways that someone can manage it without it taking priority over the day and causing other issues untouched.

Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling. The heart races, breathing may be shallow or noticeable so that attention is drawn to it. It may come out of the blue for no good reason, and anxiety can affect our patients’ quality of life in a negative way.

For more information about Anxiety or Stress, please feel free to call Primal Air to find out the techniques used to help, also Wisconsin Dental Solutions offers different anxiety and stress solutions and techniques to help you prevent your day from becoming hectic.