Angie Stone with Hylife LLC on The Spot For Health

Angie Stone with Hylife LLC

Angie Stone talks about her business with Shirley. Hylife LLC is a business that is helping with oral care for the elderly in homes. Also in long-term care facilities, and wherever dependent adults are. Having many years of being a dental hygienist with Shirley they have a lot to talk about and the need for more people like her.

Angie Stone has been a dental professional for 30 years. Her professional journey has been anything but ordinary. While working in dental offices she has held the positions of dental assistant, receptionist, and clinical hylifedental hygienist. Besides the dental office, she has had articles published in an array of publications, both dental and medical. Angie has presented to dental professionals in 35 states and four countries, including Greece, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. Angie has been a dental hygiene and dental assistant educator at the technical college level. Also a hygiene consultant, editor in chief for a dental hygiene publication, and a manager of training and education for two companies.

HyLife brings oral care specialists to the elder once a week. The specialists provide thorough brushing and between the teeth cleaning. In addition, the elder is supplied with 100% xylitol sweetened mints, xylitol toothpaste and a toothbrush to be used on a daily basis.  See our Products Page to find out more about xylitol.

At Hylife, we operate on a model of prevention. because we understand the importance of frequent visits when attempting to prevent dental disease. Most residents receive no dental care of any kind. Some are being seen by a dental professional twice a year. But that is not enough to meet their routine oral care needs. HyLife is here to fill that need. Contact Us Here.