1 step to improve 10000 steps

1 step to 10000 steps-primal air

We are going to re-frame the 10,000 steps narrative; Actually the 10,000 steps is a marketing ploy by a Japanese company who invented the pedometer, they called it 10,000 steps so that’s the reason.

The facts are that sitting is the new smoking sitting is so detrimental to our health that it may be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarrettes a day.

When somebody sits more than 4 hours a day you have an increased risk of death by about 50%, and you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease by about 125% so it’s worthwhile to get up and move but do we have to move 10000 steps?

The summary of the study published in the Harvard newsletter showed that women who consider themselves sedentary walked 2700 steps in a single day. Women who walked 7500 steps in a day reduced the mortality rate by 40%!

There are boring normal pieces of advice to increase the number of steps like:

 *Park your car at some distance to your office/Store.

 *Use stairs instead of an elevator.

What’s new is that closing your mouth can make a huge difference regardless of the number of steps you take.

Problems faced by mouth breathers

*Mouth open posture /mouth breathing can create a lot of physical changes to the face. 

 *Mouth breathing can cause Temporomandibular problems (TMJ)

 *Mouth breathing can cause digestion problems. 

The nose knows what it’s doing. That’s the piece of the face that’s in charge of breathing, inside the nose we have a lot of features like cilia. They sweep the mucus with trapped particles down into the throat. 

 The trouble begins when you breathe from the mouth instead of the nose; All that mucus came to the mouth, oral pharynx, and back of the tongue which may increase the colonies of bacteria while nose is in charge to kill those harmful bacteria.

Shirley Gutkowski showed some studies which proved that nitric oxide is a germ killer. Nitric oxide is produced in the nose.

 We just have to use the nose if you’re not using your nose you’re bypassing all of this nitric oxide.

 I do not know whether these steps will help you or not, you need to breathe from the nose instead of mouth breathing; if you are having a problem breathing with the nose try mouth taping or you can contact us for an appointment.

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