What is the Snoring Complex and why should you care

What is snoring complex

What is the Snoring Complex and why should you care?

The Snoring Complex is a complex of muscles that contribute to sleep-disruptive airway problems. Those problems could be snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, night terrors, swallowing, mispronunciations, dental cavities or periodontal disease, and really too many things to count.

For the most part, snoring and sleep apnea need a few loose muscles to work, and all of them are trainable. When we say trainable I’m sure your eyes started to roll. Banish the thoughts of gymtimidation. We find that backing off is just as effective and just as quick as forcing your way through exercises that can cause your face pain.

Sleep apnea and snoring are distressing for the body, and distressing for your family who lives with you. Some people are even banished to other rooms in the house or the basement! We don’t want you to live like that. We know that sleep apnea contributes to several other problems like weight gain and high blood pressure which becomes more dangerous and hazardous when it causes cardiovascular & other heart problems, which is leading reasons to death in U.S.

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