The Spot For Health with Infection control

Pat Pine with Infection Control

Today Shirley has her good friend Pat Pine back in front of the camera and talking about the importance of controlling dangerous conditions in the workplace. Together they talk about the in’s and out’s of cleaning the dental treatment room between visits and how not to infect other patients. Finally, the importance of OSHA guidelines for any business keeping everyone safe.

Pat Pine promotes her presentations and combines organizing of the hygienists’ day. Also incorporating “new” technology and products that have scientific research to back them up. Therefore, keeping the standard of care in mind, not to jeopardize the quality of care, but to enhance care to all patients.

Pat’s programs are interactive, interesting and also dynamic to keep attention alive. Promoting safety with infection control programs is Pat’s passion with all aspects of care and safety. Therefore Pat’s knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious the kind of infection you want to have! For consulting and presenting opportunities,  you can reach Pat Pine at [email protected]
Future goals entail keeping up with new technology for the best interest of patients.

Pat Pine RDH
Specialties: OSHA safety/Infection prevention – positive coaching to encourage safety in each dental office. Hands-on & fun interactions are used during courses and free Mock inspection with all training.
Pat completed her course work on Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. This is a valuable service to many people. In additions to Pre-ortho, post orthodontic treatment, thumb sucking, TMJ, nail biting. Unbelievable what this therapy can provide for a patient. In conclusion, the tongue is the “rudder” of the body. Pat is excited about helping people in their best interest and re-educating muscles for a healthy lifestyle.