Solutions to the sleeping issues

tips to improve sleeping

Hello everybody thanks for joining us again on another episode of the spot for health where Primal Air bring Sun Prairie health care providers and information related to better breathingShirley Gutkowski and Dr. Shalom Samuel of Shalom Family Chiropractic talked about the solutions to the sleeping issues. They talked about what interferes with sleep, and what supports sleep in this episode.

Shalom prefers to sleep on the side, she suggested people check their ear is parallel to their shoulder and shoulders parallel to their hips when they sleep on the side. Sometimes she uses pillows to avoid misalignment of the shoulders, pillows are also recommended for better sleep and to avoid snoring problems and adverse effects of snoring on health.

Shirley revealed a secret of one night when she was using the pillow to maintain her cervical curve , she preferred to sleep with her mouth tape to keep her mouth closed.

Shalom acknowledged Shirley by saying it’s hard to maintain the musculature at the beginning for the first 30-40 minutes. We are supposed to have a nice C-shaped curve in our neck, but if we had a military or straight neck it would be difficult to maintain blood pressure and breathing rhythm that is why chiropractors recommend using a comfortable pillow to relax neck muscles. The best time of getting this C-shaped neck curve is during the tummy time of babies. 

It is really painful for babies with torticollis laying on their back, but if you put a washcloth under their neck, they may feel a little bit of relief.

They also discussed CPAP, sleep apnea, the average sleeping time for men and women in the United States, the importance of quality sleep, factors deteriorating sleep, and also shared solutions to sleeping issues.

Shirley added another tip before signing off, she suggested sleeping 8 or 9 hours so you can easily manage your to do task next day but if you have any sleeping or breathing problems, you can consult with us or schedule an appointment with us.