Sleep apnea and the costs your face with

Sleep Apnea and the Cost you are faced with.

Sleep apnea can cost you a lot more than just your sleep. How much time have you personally spent on treating your sleep problem? Sleep apnea is a $$ industry, and like most medical treatments from CPAP to dental

appliances, they’re only addressing the symptom, not the cause. Did you know you can naturally reduce your sleep apnea score by 50% without machines or appliances?

Home and Money
What it can cost


The clients at Primal Air learn how to practice techniques that gradually and nearly permanently, tone the muscles of the snoring complex; the mouth, nose, and back of the throat. By practicing those techniques, the muscles build new pathways in the brain that make it nearly impossible to unlearn.

Air shortage during reduced breathing is not due to decrease of oxygen, but an accumulation of carbon dioxide. The objective is to breathe less than what you were breathing before you began the exercise, to create a tolerable need for air and sustain it over three to five minutes.
At first, you might only feel a need for air for a few seconds. With
practice it becomes easier.

Call today for a comprehensive complementary evaluation. Shirley will check out the muscles of your snoring complex and give you a real life expectation of your own results.

What can you expect besides just better sleep?

Become a family again.
Become a family again.
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Better looking face
  • Reduced neck size
  • More restful sleep
  • Better relationships with the family who can also sleep better.

Primal Air brings families together!