Sitting is the new Smoking

Shirley & Dr. Shalom discussing about the effects of prolong sitting. Sitting has been considered as adverse as smoking. Surprisingly, it was Shirley’s topic in her podcast 10 years ago.
They discussed how to sit, why to sit, when to sit, what to do in between sitting so that you optimize your health and get benefited.

How bad is actually prolong sitting?

Research shows that prolong sitting for about 4 hours or more may increase death rate up to 50%, increase chances of cardiovascular diseases up to 125%, Prolong sitting may also effects the muscles & mood changes observed.
Another study by Harvard medical school shows that women who averaged 4400 daily steps had a 41% reduction in mortality.

Sitting is new smoking:

1-Dr. Shalom says her girls says walking is boring so they dance; Some families make it fun with little kids when it is snowing outside they just turn on music & dance around, that’s also give the steps as well the activity the body needs.
2- You just need your heart moving a little and readjusting your cardiovascular system and straightening it out a little bit.
Some of the things you can do that are suggested even simple things like
* moving your wrists around.
*Standing up 16 times for just 2 minutes will straighten out all the cardiovascular system , It’s also beneficial for spine, heart, nose, throat, lungs

We often stand in wrong way like which crook the neck, spine.

People often comes complaining stitch on side, back, on their carpal
It’s because they sit prolong for 8-9 hours which ultimately result in sciatic pain so many other things just because of wrong or prolong sitting affecting Posture.

Some tips for correcting the posture

*Shirley says if we breathe through nose it will help in correcting the sitting posture and automatically get the head back little bit while head, neck & shoulder comes forward if we breathe from mouth which has adverse effects on body in old ages.
* If we keep our tongue on the roof of mouth then it will optimize the airway.

How Nitric Oxide helps the body

*High Blood Pressure is consequence of prolong sitting that can be decrease by breathing through nose with the aid of nitric oxide which made in the nose.
*Nitric Oxide which made in sinuses relaxes the blood vessels particularly for Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s patients.
* Nitric oxide is really good health tool. it helps in killing bacteria & viruses when you breathe through nose, whereas mouth breathing suppress nitric oxide.

Some other tips are also discussed & live demonstration for the correct way of sitting on chair is shown,
click the video & get benefited

We concluded that “Sitting is new smoking”
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