Primal Air and Sports News-with-Rich-Reynolds

Primal Air with Sports News

Primal Air and Sports News with host Rich Reynolds on CW57. Hello everyone, Sports news reaches out to the community about local sports and the teams behind the players.

Sports News keeps the surrounding communities keep up to date on the sports world by having interviews with local athletes, coaches, and individuals that are involved with sports and news about sports as well as updates on sports that are going on.

Primal Air has a chance to talk to Rich about Buteyko Performance Breathing. Buteyko Performance Breathing is a technique which teaches not just athletes but anyone that breathes to get the most out of every breath. When you breathe in through your nose, the air is naturally filtered as it gets sent to your lungs. As a result, it gives the red blood cells more oxygen and helps them perform better. High altitude training, like in Colorado gives the person less oxygen, true. Having the oxygen level lowered means there is fewer pollutants but also less oxygen getting to the lungs. 

Using the Buteyko Performance techniques trains the body to take the oxygen and use every bit of it to give yourself the best of your performance. Please enjoy the 5 min segment about Buteyko Performance Breathing and let us help you. Understanding the difference might not be life or death, but it can be the difference between first and second. Knowing how your body performs helps you understand how far you can push your body, if you can not breath well you are going to struggle to finish.

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