The curve of the neck-It’s your cervix

curve of the neck

We are at primal air talking today with Dr. Shalom Samuels of Shalom family chiropractic; Our topic for today’s discussion is “Curve of the neck.”

 Do we have the curve of the neck by birth?

We do not have the curve on our neck; when we are born. We do belly exercises with kids to accentuate a nice C-shaped curve.

 How can we detect the signs of traumatic birth in babies?

 We can check the neck curvature during their mealtime; if babies feel better, it means it is ok. The trauma of birth; could be found If something is impinging on the neck. We ask parents to check their babies from myofunctional therapists because birth is the first trauma.

Why does the curve of the neck be vital?

Serious issues may evoke such as spinal compression and degeneration when the neck becomes straight instead of a C-shaped curve neck. The straight neck is also known as a flat neck or military neck.

It would also influence your load-carrying capacity, and the increased stress may cause abnormal curves to develop.

What other daily life problems would you face because of a straight neck?

 When people don’t have curve of the neck; It may hurt them when they move their necks in any direction. They can get headaches, migraines, changes in vision and ringing in the ear, trouble swallowing, problems in biting & chewing, and TMJ issues

They also discussed the importance of working in collaboration, referring patients to other consultants, tongue on the roof of the palate, snoring, and the impact on the cervix when you sit on the computer for so long.

We at primal air are in business to help you overcome any problem that may have happened during your development and strengthen the muscles in the craniofacial respiratory complex so that you can easily breathe, easily chew, easily eat, and easily have enough room for all of your teeth.

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