Alter sleeping position-To get rid of Snoring

Sleeping Positions

Do you snore or your partner? It’s really disturbing & annoying whoever snore in night during sleep.
Sleeping PositionsIt’s time to change your sleeping posture if you consider the reason of your snoring is your sleeping position.
Wait a minute! Do you think you can change your deep-seated habit by just reading this article?
It’s not that easy, you need to consult us for positional therapy; or apply some of the hacks mentioned below; which may help you.

“Expert suggests sleeping by side is best position to get rid of snoring because they believe that it reduces the compressions of airways.”

Tennis Ball Therapy

1-Tennis Ball Therapy:

Expert suggests to sew or Tape tennis ball behind your back which may disrupt your sleep and help you to get rid of snoring.

Head Elevation

2-Bed Head Elevation

It is recommended to raise your head position by placing book, Tennis ball or any other thing to avoid snoring.

Wedge Pillows

3-Special Designed Pillows

Some pillows make it arduous to sleep on your back either with Intuitively designed for ease of use ridges or with arm holes to stop you turning in your sleep
You can use these special designed pillows which aid side sleeping like wedge pillow.


4-Vibrating Devices to aid sleeping position

These are devices that attach to your body and vibrate when they detect that you are sleeping on your back – the automated equivalent of a nudge in the ribs from your sleep-deprived bed partner.

The subtle vibration creates a subconscious prompt for you to roll onto your side. Evidence for their effectiveness is growing, with tests showing positive results for mild obstructive sleep apnea comparable to using a mouthpiece.

“When you sleep on your back unintentionally the size of jaw dwindle, resulting in falling back of tongue emanating the unpleasant sounds from mouth i.e snoring”/>

Sleep-breathing problems are often linked with sleeping position. More than half of all obstructive sleep apnea cases are referred to as “position-induced” sleep apnea.


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